Each brand we work with has its own unique creative team, taking great care to listen to our partners and customers. These design teams travel the world to find inspiration, ensuring each product is exclusive to each brand and truly services the customers’ needs.

We have the expertise and creative capacity to design and produce boutique fashion to styling for main street. We produce award winning designs that customers truly want.


Business planning

Vida assists in the development of business plans by using an aggressive, pro-active approach of analysis. By developing plans, tracking sales and monitoring margins continuously, we are able to develop flexible in-season strategies to ensure goals by all stakeholders are achieved. Our planning methods are used in our wholesale businesses as well. We plan our sales, inventory, and gross margin by style, by brand, by season. These elements are monitored against the business plans and adjustments are made to make certain we achieve our business objectives and can take risk to protect the upside for customers.


Marketing and sales

From running complete e-commerce platforms, integrated social media to devising unique brand specific marketing opportunities, we oversee and plan complete marketing strategies to both the end consumers and for our retail partners alike. Managing photoshoots to trade shows, to developing and distributing point of sale displays, we have grown brands into hugely successful businesses.



Vida Shoes has an extensive international network of manufacturing facilities and material vendors. Many of which are longstanding partnerships that have evolved and grown over time. We oversee sourcing, development, product, quality control and have the flexibility to adjust. We believe that every product must meet the highest and most rigorous testing standards; a competitive advantage we hold that benefits our partners and ultimately the end consumer. Our range of facilities offers unique benefits to each brand we manage, from handmade in Italy to high tech production in Asia.



The station masters of the brands. Overseeing the intertwined network of variables is critical to our expertise; global supply chain management, shipping, import laws, taxation and legal knowledge, warehousing and distribution and so much more are essential to a shared success in the market.

Making everything run smoothly year on year takes vast expertise and what works today may not work tomorrow. This is a huge undertaking requiring dedication and intense attention to detail. We must predict technological, legal compliance and political changes to create a wonderful customer experience.