To Be The Most Credible Name Behind The Shoes

Vida strives to have an unparalleled understanding of the whole product process. Our breadth of experience coupled with our integrity first values, means that while Vida may not be the name above the store, it is Vida that people turn to build the brands of the present and future.


Add real value

Value isn’t a static metric and it isn’t the same for everyone – it changes with circumstance. It is our mission to discern these circumstances, to listen to our stakeholders so we can understand their expectations and needs. So, no matter the task on hand, price point or scale of operation, we must always add real value in all that we do.


Good Better Best

The advantage of being a global player with a wide product base means that knowledge can be shared across every level of Vida’s brands. We work together, taking pride in the wide scope of our achievements and re-applying successful ideas.

The fluidity of our operation means that each sector is capable of informing the other, and while cross-pollination is advantageous to both, discretion is implicit. Strategically, every brand has its own, unique team, whose job it is to faithfully preserve their own culture and to protect the brand’s clear and distinct identity.

Company Values


No aspect of business supersedes integrity

“Your name and reputation, you can take it with you and leave it behind. That’s a great legacy to leave you grand kids.” Victor Dabah

We are a family. Not that we are all related, but it’s how we treat our colleagues and how we work together as real people. It informs how we treat each other, with integrity and respect.

No aspect of business supersedes our integrity. Having played it straight and done the right thing in the past, we do the right thing now so we will still be here to do the right thing in the future.


You can make change without changing who you are.

“You do the business with those you have confidence in. To be confident you must know yourself.” Victor Dabah

Being disruptive takes confidence in who you are. While all businesses must change, we believe in making changes that enhance our capabilities and stay true to our values.

At Vida, we are confident in who we are. This makes being the first to make a change simply a question of doing the right thing. Disrupting the old way and creating the future of how we do business, assisting customers to meet their goal in collaborative effort. Because ultimately, we all want to innovate and meet the needs of our important consumers.

Reliably Creative

To be reliable in an everchanging world takes new creative ideas.

“We can do it as a team, we have a wealth of passion and knowledge” Gabe Safdeye

We value the duality of reliability and creativity. You need both to turn the big idea into reality.

Reliability goes without saying. For our customers we are the people that get the job done. But to be reliable in an ever-changing world takes more than repeating what’s been done before. We are always listening; to our customers, our partners and the larger market place. Creativity means ensuring our solutions may not be what you’ve heard before but they truly fit.


Take pride in others success.

“If you are in the room you have an equal voice.” Solomon Dabah

Vida is here for the long term, that means helping everyone to grow. After all, life isn’t a zero-sum game, your growth is our growth. As such we genuinely wish everyone we work with great success, our partners to flourish and individual’s careers to soar.

We believe it is a great strength to have diverse individuals, empowered to achieve their goals. Sometimes the best idea comes from the freshest voice. Couple this with a larger common purpose, we are able to support each other and take pride in each other’s accomplishments.