It started with a simple pursuit: The ultimate T-shirt. It had to be undeniably comfortable. Otherworldly soft. With just-right fit. The kind of T-shirt that worked equally well out in the world under a blazer as it did at home over a glass of wine with friends.

As Californians, we look on the bright side. It’s in our DNA. A laid back attitude and an easy state of mind. But we get it. Sometimes life gets messy or moves at warp speed. We’re there for all of life’s demands. Especially the ones that call for a 30-second outfit or simply, a soft place to land at the end of a long day.

Splendid is about bringing people together—for the big moments and all the small ones in between. We’re about laughing more and consuming less. Spending more time IRL than on IGLive. And putting more effort into making connections than in looking effortless. This is what makes life Splendid—the things that stay with you a long time, like the perfect T-shirt.

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