Kurt Geiger is a leading London-based footwear and accessories retailer powered by creativity and kindness. For over fifty years, Kurt Geiger’s in-house team of shoe and accessory designers have endeavored to embolden customers through statement styles underpinned by London’s vibrance and authenticity. Its ultimate mission to create a kind, diverse and inclusive fashion community propels the regular launch of kindness-driven initiatives supporting people, charities and global movements.

What makes us different– an inclusive, creative vision powered by kindness. We like to make unique style statements and take an authentic, creative and celebratory approach to product, content and our communications. The rainbow is our signature. It represents our values, creativity and kindness. It represents the good energy and love we have for our community and the many ways we collectively express our individual style. Our city is our heartbeat. London is in the fabric of our products and the expressive nature of our designs. Our outlook on life, the energy and spirit of this city; diverse, creative, authentic. Our mission is to inspire and unite and to look towards a world which celebrates kindness, inclusivity and freedom. No matter where you are in the world, we want to embolden our customers to be true to themselves and confident, the London way.

This is who we are, what we stand for and the things that unite us. We Are Kurt Geiger.

Kurt Geiger