Established in 2010, Jambu has been known for bridging the worlds of function, fashion and comfort, designing shoes that take you from your backdoor to the great outdoors. Superior function offers the ultimate in ease of wear with hook & loop, bungee, and zipper closings.

Jambu has its roots firmly planted in the tropical rain forests where the Jambu fruit thrives and flourishes. It serves as inspiration for our shoes with its striking color, outdoor nature and environmental element.

As a proprietary brand of Vida Shoes International Jambu & Co. serves as the umbrella for Jambu and JBU. Quality materials, innovation and premium distribution sets Jambu apart from JBU which captures on-trend, casual and sporty designs at a value.

Every Jambu & Co. shoe guarantees comfort with our memory foam insoles, while our All-Terra Traction™ outsoles not only keep you sure footed but ready to take on your everyday adventures whatever they may be.


jambu original soles of shoes