Gentle on the Foot, Gentle on the Planet. Through enduring craftsmanship and planet-friendly processes, Gentle Souls footwear continually creates modern comfort styles, so the conscious consumer can feel truly comfortable from within. With a focus on a responsible lifecycle and naturally renewable materials, we are working towards becoming a fully-sustainable brand.

It all began with a seed of an idea. 25 years ago, our sustainability began with a simple organic flaxseed. We added the flaxseeds to pillows in the arch of the footbed that moulded to the shape of the foot to provide cushioning and support. This became our patented sustainable comfort solution for fashion footwear.

The Gentle Souls consumer truly has a gentle soul. They thrive on sustainable well-being for themselves, their community, and the environment. Their respect for the natural world is second nature – every decision they make is a conscious decision, and they are fully-aware of what they put in and on their bodies. They believe leading by example will encourage others to retailer their thinking to reduce, recycle, and take responsibility for their own actions. By understanding their individual impact on the planet, they hope to make a positive impact in the world.

Gentle Souls
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